People of Value, That Value People and Add Value to People

Life Success Principles

Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life

“Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life” is fundamental to creating a successful life. It is the core principle. It is designed to get people out of blaming and complaining and into consciously creating the life they desire. This can only happen if they are willing to take 100% responsibility for their own results.

Course Experiential Exercises:

  • Responsibility sentence stems
  • Have to, choose to.
  • E+R=O (Events + Response = Outcome)

Transform Your Inner Critic Into An Inner Coach

Research indicates that the average person – that means you! – talks to themselves about 50,000 times a day. And most of that self-talk is about yourself, and according to the psychological researchers, it is 80% negative – I shouldn’t have said that….. They don’t like me….. I’m never going to be successful….. I don’t like the way I look today…. That other team is going to kill us…. I can’t do anything right….. I’m not a good person….. I’ll never lose weight…. I can’t ever seem to to get organized…. I’m always late. Our negative thoughts actually control our behavior. They make us stutter, spill things, forget our lines, break out in sweats, breath shallowly, feel scared – and taken to the extreme, they can even paralyze or kill us. This course is designed to transform your inner critic, who judges your every move, into a supportive inner coach who would encourage you and give you confidence as you face new situations and risks.

Course Experiential Exercises:

  • The Total Truth Process

Be Clear Why You are Here

“Be Clear Why You are Here” is one of the core principles for success. This module is
grounded in the idea that when we align our choices and actions with our purpose,
things become easier and we experience more success.

Course Experiential Exercises:

  • Life Purpose exercise
  • Passion test
  • 20 things I love to do
  • What do you want

Unleash the Power of Goal Setting

“Unleash the Power of Goal Setting” helps participants render their visions practical. Setting goals activates both the conscious and the subconscious mind to figure out what needs to happen to make the goal a reality. Assigning each goal a clear deadline begins to attract the resources necessary to accomplish the goal.

Course Experiential Exercises:

  • Goal setting
  • How much, by when
  • Minimum, Target and Outrageous (MTO) Goals
  • Breakthrough goal

Release the Breaks

This course is intended to empower participants to overcome negative attitudes and blocks to success. This course will teach you how to strive for positive goals with daily disciplines to help you achieve your vision. This course is a follow-up to goal setting and creating affirmations. It further describes how to activate the Law of Attraction, increasing the vibrational attraction of people and resources needed to achieve their goal.

Course Experiential Exercises:

  • The power of five
  • Nine guidelines for affirmations
  • Affirmations writing

See What You Want, Get What You See

“See What You Want, Get What You See” is essentially visualization and is one of the
most effective tools that can help participants accelerate their success. Visualization was not taught in schools, and many people have heard about it but not really taught how to do it.

Course Experiential Exercises:

  • Skyscraper exercise
  • Vision boards
  • Come as you will be Event
  • Stop Scaring Yourself
  • Perception Exercise (Fly Slide)
  • Feldenkrais Visualization

Experience Your Fear and Take Action Anyway

As we move forward on our journey from where we are to where we want to be, we are going to have to confront our fears. “Experience Your Fear and Take Action Anyway” reminds us that fear is natural. Successful people feel the fear along with the rest of us but don’t let it keep them from doing anything they want to do—or have to do. They understand that fear is something to be acknowledged, experienced, and taken along for the ride.

Course Experiential Exercises:

  • One thing milling exercise
  • Hidden Victim Language
  • I scare myself by imagining

Ask, Ask, Ask & Reject Rejection

History is filled with examples of incredible riches and astounding benefits people have received simply by asking for them. Asking is one of the most powerful success principles of all, yet it’s still a challenge that holds most people back. “Ask, Ask, Ask and Reject Rejection” is designed to help participates overcome the fear of asking for what they need to achieve their goals.

Course Experiential Exercises:

  • Nine No’s
  • How to ask for what you want guidelines
  • A telling statistic
  • SW, SW, SW, SW (Some will, some won’t, so what, someone’s waiting)
  • Rejection is a myth

Use Feedback to Your Advantage

“Use Feedback to Your Advantage” is designed to help participants recognize that feedback is useful — and a willingness to ask for feedback demonstrates a commitment to achieving their goals.

Course Experiential Exercises:

  • On course or Off Course (4 ways of responding that don’t work)
  • The most valuable question you may ever learn.
  • Crayon Exercise
  • Feedback Questions

Clean Up your messes and Incompletes

“Clean up your Messes and Incompletes” is intended to help participants understand that they may be tolerating certain things in their life that can keep them from achieving their goals and ultimate vision. It will increase awareness of how tolerating little things can get in the way of the accomplishing bigger things. This process will help participants streamline their life, free up time and energy (mental and physical), to create more time to focus on goals and their ultimate vision.

Course Experiential Exercises:

  • Irritations and Tolerations Exercise
  • To Do’s – and Finish By’s

Keep Your Agreements

It used to be that one’s word was one’s bond. Agreements were made and kept with a
minimum of fanfare. People thought carefully about whether they could deliver on their promises before agreeing to anything. It was that important. Today, keeping one’s agreements seems to be a hit or miss affair. “Keep your Agreements” is designed to teach, in an intentional way, the cost of not keeping agreements.

Course Experiential Exercises:

  • The High Cost of Not Keeping Your Agreements
  • Worth More Money Than a Million Dollars
  • The Rules of the Game

Drop Out of the Ain’t it Awful Club

“Drop out of the ‘Ain’t it Awful’ Club” encourages participants to pay attention to the people they surround themselves with. By evaluating the positive and negative people whom participants have chosen to surround themselves with, they are able to see how those relationships will impact their overall success.

Course Experiential Exercises:

  • Who would you rather spend time with?
  • Positive / Negative Association Evaluator
  • Recognize a toxic person
  • Develop a clear view of the impact

Practice Uncommon Appreciation

Appreciation and gratitude are two of the highest emotional states one can be in. They are states of abundance. The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like. If you appreciate and are truly grateful for, what you have already received, you will effortlessly attract more into your life. “Practice Uncommon Appreciation” demonstrates the abundance that is around the participants, that they often overlook.

Course Experiential Exercises:

  • Appreciation Exercises
  • Daily Appreciation Habit
  • The Acknowledgement Exercise
  • Gratitude Focus Exercise

Just Lean Into It

Oftentimes, success happens when you just lean into it—when you make yourself open to opportunities and are willing to do what it takes to pursue it further—without a contract, without a promise of success, without any expectation whatsoever. You just start. “Just Lean Into It” demonstrates to participants how to start without knowing the whole path. Participants see what the first step feels like, and decide if you want to keep going. “Just Lean Into It” takes participants off sidelines, in states of deliberating, reflecting, and contemplating, and into action.

Course Experiential Exercises:

  • 9 Environments
  • The Integrity Game
  • Taking Action Worksheet