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Speaking Skills

The Sage Leadership Method of Speaking
Skills Training in Speaking, Presenting & Communicating
“Everyone communicates, few connect. We will show you how to connect and make an impact through your speeches and presentations.”
Desire to acquire everything you want professionally and personally? Communication. Effectively influencing others requires good communication. If you know how to communicate, you will be more effective managing a team, operating a business, negotiating a contract, or obtaining others’ buy-in. I can help you master communication so you can connect with others.

Sage Leadership Speakers Club

A membership in the Sage Leadership Speaker Club is the next best thing to receiving personal instruction from Jonathan Summers. Jonathan’s live lectures and talks will be viewed and analyzed every week. I will act as your facilitator and lead you through several activities designed to improve your communication skills. Through the Sage Leadership Academy, you will receive the same high-quality education that John Maxwell and Speaker Trainer Roddy Galbraith have used to teach speakers all around the world. Participate in the club of eloquent speakers that was established for people like you to lead.

Speaking Skills Half-Day Workshop

You want to better your public speaking abilities, right? Jonathan Summers is a communication expert who can teach you a thing or two. The subjects covered in this intensive half-day class in public speaking will include:

  • The craft and process of creating narratives
  • Connecting with and retaining your target audience
  • Conquering Your Fear of Public Speaking
  • Learning to express yourself in your own unique way
  • Presentation content creation

Participants will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of the session.

Speaking for Impact & Influence Keynote Presentation

Your ability to connect with and interact with your audience will be crucial whether you have 15 minutes or an hour to deliver your presentation or keynote. When it comes to having an effect on others, this lecture will cover the fundamentals. Everything from:

  • Ability to effectively communicate is a must for any leader.
  • Creating meaningful relationships and keeping people interested.
  • No presentation is too technical to benefit from the inclusion of a compelling story.
  • What you can do to improve your public speaking abilities and why it’s crucial for you to do so as a leader.