Sage Leadership Academy’s Successful Living Program is an 8 week roadmap for anyone striving to achieve their professional and personal goals. Touching on every aspect of our lives. This is a course of timeless principles used by successful men and women throughout history. I have studied them and have been certified to teach them, I have also applied them to my own life. The wonderful level of success that I now enjoy is the result of applying these principles day in and day out since I began to learn them. This course is taught on Sunday Mornings from 9-12pm.

Part 1
It’s All About A More Successful You:

  • You “The Awareness”
  • You “The Responsibility”
  • You “The Self Observer”
  • You “The Decision”
  • You “The Journey”
  • You “The Promise”
  • You “The Coach”

Part 2
It’s All About Successful Living

  • Roadblocks
  • Incompletes
  • Facing Fears
  • Taking Action
  • Utilizing Feedback
  • The Inner Circle

Part 3
It’s All About Creating Success

  • Your Purpose
  • Your Vision
  • Your Goals
  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Ask
  • The Success Role
  • The Mastermind

Part 4
It’s All About Successful Leadership

  • 15 Laws of Growth
  • Everyone Communicates Few Connect
  • Becoming A Person of Influence
  • Developing the Leader Within You
  • Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn